Shoyeido White Cloud Incense Review: Top Serenity Pick

As we’ve been exploring the world of incense, one name that keeps coming up is Shoyeido’s White Cloud. It’s like a gentle whisper of serenity from Japan, known for its high-quality, sandalwood-based incense. The moment we lit a stick, the room filled with a scent that’s both grounding and uplifting—picture those serene white clouds drifting across a tranquil blue sky.

We couldn’t help but admire the simplicity and elegance of these sticks. They seem perfect for both unwinding after a long day and for use in more formal settings. That subtle, calming fragrance works like a charm to soothe the mind and create a peaceful atmosphere.

While the White Cloud’s scent is a clear winner, we did notice that with a pack of 450 sticks, storage could be a bit of an issue if you’re limited on space. Also, for those new to the incense world, it’s good to remember that sandalwood is a distinct, acquired aroma—something that may take some time to get used to.


Bottom Line

Our time with Shoyeido’s White Cloud Incense has been nothing short of delightful. If you value a serene environment and are looking for incense to enhance your space, this could be a match made in heaven. Just the right pick for meditation, relaxation, or adding that soothing touch to your surroundings.

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Unboxing and First Impressions

We got our hands on Shoyeido’s White Cloud incense and the unboxing experience was quite pleasant. Right out of the box, the scent hints at the quality, with a distinctly woody and aromatic fragrance filling the air. The presentation feels thoughtful; each bundle of sticks ensures you’re reminded of the care SHOYEIDO takes in crafting their products.

Initial impressions? The incense sticks themselves carry an essence of serenity, quite like white clouds against a blue sky as promised by their description. There’s a natural subtlety to them—a far cry from the overpowering nature you might find in cheaper brands. However, we noticed they’re a bit on the delicate side, which means they should be handled with a little extra care to prevent breakage.

As we lit one up, the incense didn’t overpower our space but rather complemented it, adding a layer of tranquility that was much welcome. Yet, we did clock the burn time, and it’s closer to the advertised 30, which might be a factor to consider if burn length is important to you.

All in all, if you’re seeking an everyday incense that doesn’t overwhelm and has a high-quality scent that resonates with peaceful imagery, this one might just be what our noses have been searching for. Just be prepared for a shorter burn time than you might expect.

The Ingredient of Shoyeido White Cloud Incense

Shoyeido White Cloud incense, known as Haku-un, is composed of a blend of natural ingredients. The incense includes agarwood, benzoin, sandalwood, and other spices to create its distinctive, earthy-sweet scent. And cinnamon, clove, and borneol camphor in its composition.

These ingredients are carefully selected to ensure a relaxing and well-balanced aroma.

Embrace Tranquility with Shoyeido’s White Cloud Incense

Sometimes, we seek a moment of peace amidst our bustling routines, and White Cloud by Shoyeido offers just that. Upon lighting a stick, a waft of aloeswood infused with a gentle sandalwood aroma fills the air, reminiscent of serene skies on a calm day. It suits both quiet moments alone and social gatherings, fostering an atmosphere of ease.

Its fragrance is consistently sweet and warm, reminiscent of graham crackers, with a smooth, syrup-like quality and a hint of woodiness that’s pleasant without being overpowering or excessively sweet.

The formula once included aloeswood, but changes over the years have altered its composition. Now, it subtly evokes a caramel-like aloeswood scent. The incense’s scent doesn’t stay in the air for too long, typically fading within an hour. It’s worth mentioning that the initial lighting may release a smoky note, but this quickly gives way to the incense’s inherent sweetness.

In conversations with fellow aficionados, they echoed our sentiment, cherishing the complex, yet accessible scent profile akin to Shoyeido’s more premium ranges. A few advised that the scent carries a stronger camphor note than expected but appreciated the refreshing twist it brought to their daily routine.

Whether it’s the sturdy packaging protecting the delicate sticks or the high-quality materials, Shoyeido upholds its reputation for high standards. White Cloud has quickly become a cherished companion in our homes, setting a tranquil scene for reflection or conversation.

The Scent of Serenity

When we first lit a stick from Shoyeido’s White Cloud Incense collection, the air was immediately filled with a feeling akin to gazing at white clouds drifting through a tranquil blue sky. It’s a scent that fits both a laid-back afternoon and the formality of special occasions.

Curiously, although we found its aroma to be uniquely soothing, not everyone may favor the gentle subtlety it offers. Some of us were looking for a bolder statement and might find it too mild. However, the consensus in our space was that the scent promoted a serene environment, perfect for meditation or unwinding after a long day.

This incense, boasting a 4.4-star rating from fellow Amazon shoppers, clearly has a charm that resonates with many. But it’s worth noting, while most reviews applaud the delicate fragrance, a few hint at wanting a bit more intensity. So, if you’re considering adding Haku-un by Shoyeido to your rituals at home, expect a soft, clean burn that crafts an inviting, peaceful haven.

Authentic Sandalwood Experience

It’s clear why this scent is fit for any gathering or just a casual evening at home. Each stick burns smoothly, releasing a mild, yet distinct, sandalwood aroma that doesn’t overpower the senses.

It’s not your typical, overwhelming incense; the fragrance is subtle and has an almost calming quality that many of us find appealing. Sure, not everyone may be looking for a reserved scent profile in their incense. Some might prefer a bolder touch, but for us, the delicate nature of White Cloud was a positive surprise.

The burn time is decent, and during the time it fills the space, it’s easy to imagine the tranquil image its fragrance is meant to evoke. However, keep in mind that the scent might be too gentle for those of us who are after a more intense olfactory experience.

When we first got our hands on Shoyeido’s White Cloud Incense, the packaging immediately conveyed a sense of serenity—much like the product’s inspiration. Settling into the blue and white hues that echo a clear sky, the box is an inviting sight in any space. It’s sturdy and well-designed, ensuring the 450 sticks inside are well-protected without being overly bulky.

Upon opening, the incense sticks are neatly organized, which we found makes it a breeze to remove just one stick without disturbing the rest. The packaging isn’t just for looks; it’s practical for everyday use and storage. We appreciated the thought put into the design that keeps casual enjoyment and formal gatherings in mind, as the box is elegant enough to present as is.

While the box is quite appealing, it’s not overly ostentatious, which reflects the brand’s focus on the product’s quality and essence. We found that the simplicity and functionality of the packaging added to our overall positive experience with the incense. It’s clear that the brand considers both the aesthetic enjoyment and practicality of their product’s presentation.

Pros and Cons


After spending some time with Shoyeido’s White Cloud Incense, we’ve found quite a bit to admire about this product. For starters, each stick seems to emit a truly authentic aloeswood aroma, which is a testament to the Shoyeido quality we’ve come to expect. If you’re looking for an incense that can transport you to a serene, temple-like environment, this is certainly it.

Additionally, the volume of sticks you get is impressive – 450 sticks provide incredible value for the price. We’ve also noticed that the scents offered are strong yet pleasant, wafting through the air without overwhelming the senses, which is something you can’t always say for cheaper options. Plus, for those who enjoy a variety of scents, White Cloud offers a balanced blend that’s both refreshing and less sweet, as some of us have noted the difference between this and its US counterpart.

  • Authentic aloeswood scent
  • Great value with 450 sticks
  • Strong yet pleasant aroma
  • Balanced and refreshing fragrance


However, there are a couple of points that might make you think twice. One pressing issue is the burn time per stick.

We’ve also encountered a few opinions about the strength of the fragrance, with some finding it to be very potent. So, if subtlety is what you’re after, this might catch you off guard. Furthermore, while the quality of incense is high, the sticks themselves are rather delicate, so proper care during handling is a must to avoid breakage.

  • Shorter than advertised burn time
  • Potentially overpowering fragrance for some
  • Fragile sticks necessitate careful handling

Customer Reviews

A consensus among fellow incense enthusiasts is that the aloeswood scent captures a traditional essence, often evoking memories of peaceful temple visits. For those of us who appreciate authenticity in aroma, White Cloud doesn’t disappoint; it carries that distinct Shoyeido stamp of quality.

There are some mixed feelings, though. A noticeable difference between the Japanese and US versions has been a talking point, with the former having a notably stronger Borneol camphor scent. It’s refreshing, sure, but for those who have a sweet spot for sweeter aromas, this was an unexpected twist.

Durability wise, our community feedback does hint at a shorter burn time than advertised, which is a bit of a letdown considering the premium pricing. And for folks sensitive to strong fragrances, a heads-up: some find the scent pretty potent.

On the upside, White Cloud has been described as a complex and mysterious incense that stands out even when compared to other high-quality options. It’s the kind of incense that’s easy to incorporate into daily life, never coming off too intense, and always leaving us enveloped in a serene cloud of fragrance. In the broad landscape of incense varieties, White Cloud has somehow managed to secure a special spot in our rotations, especially for those of us seeking that ‘something extra’ beyond the everyday selections.


After spending some quality time with Shoyeido’s White Cloud incense, we’re overall quite impressed. These sticks definitely bring a touch of the temple right into our living spaces. The aloeswood scent, typical of Shoyeido quality, is authentic and not at all overpowering as some cheaper brands can be. We noticed the Japanese version has a refreshing hint of Borneol camphor that sets it apart with a less sweet, more invigorating fragrance.

We’ve found the incense to be somewhat delicate, so handling with care is key. Despite that, the amount provided—450 sticks—makes it feel like a good value.

Price-wise, it stands at the pricier end of the Daily Incense line because of using agarwood, but overall, it’s worth it. The complexity and depth of White Cloud’s aroma are akin to savoring a fine wine, revealing its quality and justifying the price point. It’s a favorite pick over the more expensive options, and always a pleasure to have in our rotation.

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