Does Incense Keep Mosquitoes Away? (Facts & Tips)

Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance during warm summer evenings. You might be wondering if burning incense can help keep these pesky insects away from you and your outdoor gatherings. Incense has been used for centuries in various cultures, not only for its pleasant fragrance,but also for its potential insect-repelling properties.

Some studies suggest that certain types of incense made from herbs like Vitex negundo, neem, holy basil, and garlic may indeed serve as a natural mosquito repellent. When you are looking for an alternative to chemical-based repellents, turning to herbal mosquito repellent incense sticks could be a viable option, as long as you choose the right ones. Remember, it’s important to always prioritize your safety and health while enjoying the outdoors by combining various mosquito-repellent methods.


How Does Incense Keep Mosquitoes Away

Effectiveness of Incense against Mosquitoes

Incense can have some effect on repelling mosquitoes, although it is not a foolproof way of keeping them away. When you burn incense, the smoke produced can help deter mosquitoes, as they are typically sensitive to strong odors and smoke. However, the effectiveness of incense may vary depending on factors such as the specific ingredients used, the amount of smoke generated, and the size of the area you’re trying to protect.

In a study focusing on the development of polyherbal mosquito repellent incense sticks, the researchers found that certain formulations of incense could be effective in repelling mosquitoes. While incense can help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your environment, it may not guarantee the complete elimination of these pesky insects.

Types of Incense Used for Repelling Mosquitoes

There are specific types of incense that are known for their mosquito-repelling qualities. These are usually blends containing herbs and essential oils with natural mosquito-repellent properties. Some examples of such ingredients include:

  • Neem: Often used in traditional medicine for its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and insecticidal properties, neem can be an effective addition to mosquito-repellent incense.
  • Holy basil: This herb has a strong scent, which can help deter mosquitoes. It also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that may provide additional benefits.
  • Garlic: Known for its strong odor, garlic has been used for centuries to repel insects, including mosquitoes. Incorporating garlic into incense can potentially help keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Vitex negundo: Also known as the Chinese chaste tree, this plant has been traditionally used for its insecticidal properties. Adding vitex negundo to incense formulations can help enhance their effectiveness in repelling mosquitoes.

While burning incense containing these ingredients can help in reducing the number of mosquitoes around you, remember that it’s always a good idea to combine multiple mosquito control methods for best results. This may include using insect repellent sprays, mosquito nets, and screens on windows and doors.

What Components In Incense Keep Mosquitoes Away?


Citronella is a well-known natural mosquito-repellent ingredient. When used in incense, it can help keep mosquitoes at bay. It is derived from the leaves and stems of various species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass) plants. To get the best results, burn citronella-infused incense sticks around your outdoor seating area. It not only helps repel mosquitoes but also emits a pleasant citrusy aroma.


Another effective plant-based mosquito-repellent ingredient is Lemongrass. Belonging to the Cymbopogon family, lemongrass contains citral, which is responsible for repelling mosquitoes. When you use lemongrass-infused incense sticks, the natural oils released into the air help keep mosquitoes at bay, making your surroundings more comfortable and enjoyable. Lemongrass also has a subtle, refreshing scent that many people find appealing.


Eucalyptus is another plant with excellent mosquito-repellent properties. Specifically, it is the eucalyptus essential oil with the active ingredient Eucalyptol, which helps keep mosquitoes away. Using eucalyptus-infused incense sticks can provide a pleasant, earthy scent while preventing mosquitoes from invading your outdoor space. Eucalyptus not only repels mosquitoes but is also known for its refreshing and invigorating effects on the mind and body.

Mosquito Repellent Incense

There are various reviews available for mosquito repellent incense sticks online. One popular brand is Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks, which has over 4,000 reviews on with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers found the incense sticks to be effective in repelling mosquitoes and appreciated the natural ingredients used. Another brand is Mosquito Guard Incense Sticks, which has over 1,000 reviews on with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewers found these incense sticks to be long-lasting and effective in keeping mosquitoes away. As with all products, it’s important to read reviews carefully and make an informed decision based on your own needs and preferences.

Here is a more detailed comparison of the two brands:

  1. Ingredients: Both brands use natural ingredients such as citronella oil, lemongrass oil, and other plant-based essential oils that are known to repel mosquitoes. However, Murphy’s Naturals also uses rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and cedarwood oil in their incense sticks, while Mosquito Guard uses bamboo sticks as a base for their incense.
  2. Effectiveness: Both brands are generally effective in repelling mosquitoes, according to customer reviews. However, some reviewers found Mosquito Guard to be more effective than Murphy’s Naturals in keeping mosquitoes away.
  3. Duration: Murphy’s Naturals incense sticks provide up to 2.5 hours of protection, while Mosquito Guard incense sticks provide up to 4 hours of protection.
  4. Scent: The scent of the incense sticks can vary between the two brands. Murphy’s Naturals has a more herbal scent due to the additional ingredients used, while Mosquito Guard has a more traditional citronella scent.
  5. Price: The price of the two brands can vary depending on the quantity and packaging. However, Mosquito Guard is generally more affordable than Murphy’s Naturals.

What keeps mosquitoes away naturally?

There are several eco-friendly options for repelling mosquitoes without resorting to incense or chemical-based repellents that present health or environmental concerns. Some suggestions include:

  1. Plant-based repellents: Certain plants, such as citronella, lemongrass, lavender, and basil can naturally repel mosquitoes. You can grow them in your garden or place pots near your outdoor seating areas to discourage mosquitoes from coming too close. Plant-based insect repellents have been proven effective and are safer than chemical-based alternatives.
  2. Citronella candles: Using citronella candles can provide a more natural alternative to incense for deterring mosquitoes. Although they come with their own set of precautions, such as avoiding open flames or burns, they are generally considered to pose fewer health risks. DEET-based insect repellents highlight the potential benefits of using citronella candles.
  3. Eliminate standing water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so eliminating these sources can significantly reduce their population around your home. Check for and empty any containers that hold water, such as flowerpots, buckets, or birdbaths, and keep gutters clear to prevent water buildup.
  4. Install screens: Ensuring that your windows and doors have well-fitted screens can help keep mosquitoes out of your home. Regularly inspect screens for holes or tears and repair them to maintain their effectiveness.

By exploring these alternatives, you can find the most suitable and safe method for you and your family to enjoy mosquito-free living.

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