Why Is My Backflow Incense Not Working?  (Explained & Solved)

Have you ever experienced your backflow incense not working and wondered why this might happen? There are several common reasons for this issue, and by understanding them, you can efficiently troubleshoot and get your incense flowing smoothly again.

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How Does Backflow Incense Work?

Backflow incense works by using a specially designed incense holder with a hollow chamber at the bottom and a small hole at the top. When the backflow incense cone is lit and placed on the holder, the smoke flows downwards through the hollow chamber and out through the small hole at the top, creating a mesmerizing cascading effect.

This effect is created because the smoke is denser than the surrounding air, causing it to flow downwards instead of upwards. The backflow incense cones are designed with a unique composition that produces heavier smoke, which is necessary for the cascading effect to occur.

Why Is Your Backflow Incense Not Working?

Clogged Incense Cone

Sometimes, your backflow incense cone may not work properly due to a clogged flue. Check the incense tip where the flame was. If you see a small glowing ember and smoke starts coming out of the bottom, then the incense has been correctly lit. If you’re unsure, leave the incense for a minute or so, and then check again. Keeping your cones in a dry environment and storing them in an airtight container or ziplock bag can help avoid clogging issues due to moisture.

Insufficient Airflow

Another reason for your backflow incense not working properly is insufficient airflow in the incense burner. Residue from previous use can build up inside the hole and restrict airflow. To resolve this issue, use a pipe cleaner or a small brush to gently clean the hole and ensure proper airflow.

Incorrect Placement

Lastly, the placement of the incense cone is crucial for the backflow incense burner to work correctly. Ensure that the hole at the bottom of the incense cone is aligned with the hole of the incense burner. This will allow the smoke to flow downwards, creating the desired waterfall effect. If the cone is not placed correctly, the smoke might escape in the wrong direction and the desired effect won’t be achieved.

Why Is Your Backflow Incense Going Up?

If check all the issues above, your backflow incense still going up, you need to make sure you are using the backflow incense cones instead of regular cones because there are differences between those two cones. Another cause why your backflow incense not working well might be your room’s air density is heavier than the air outside because of using the air conditioner. You can warm up your room temperature a little bit or just open windows to let some outside air flow in.

Troubleshooting Steps

Unclog the Cone

First, check your backflow incense cone for any blockages that may be preventing the smoke from flowing correctly. Use a pipe cleaner or a toothpick to gently clear the hole in the cone, making sure to remove any residue or debris. Proper airflow is essential for the incense to work correctly.

Check for Drafts

Next, make sure your incense burner is not placed in a drafty area, such as near an open door or window. Strong air currents can either extinguish the cone or blow the smoke away before it has a chance to flow downwards through the burner. To fix this, try moving the burner to a more sheltered spot in the room, where there is less air movement.

Reposition the Incense Burner

Finally, ensure your incense burner is positioned correctly. The smoke from the backflow incense cones is heavier than air due to its high essential oil content, so it’s essential the burner is placed on a stable and level surface to allow the smoke to flow downwards properly. Also, place your burner in a room with proper ventilation but not too much, as this may diffuse the flame instead of allowing it to flow downwards.

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How Long Does It Take For Backflow Incense To Work?

Normally when you light the incense cone, after a few seconds the smoke will flow out the cone and down to the bottom. The backflow incense cone will continue to burn for approximately 20-30 minutes.

The size of the cone can play a big role in how long it lasts. Smaller cones may burn faster and not last as long, while larger cones can burn for a longer period of time. It’s important to check the packaging of the incense cones to see how long they are expected to last.

The type of incense being used can also affect how long the cones last. Some types of incense may have a stronger scent and burn faster, while others may have a milder scent and burn slower. It’s best to experiment with different types of incense to find the one that works best for you.

To get the most out of your backflow incense cones, it’s important to use them in a well-ventilated room. This will help to circulate the scent throughout the space and prevent it from becoming too overwhelming. It’s also important to never leave burning incense cones unattended and to make sure that they are placed on a fire-resistant surface.

How to Maintain Your Backflow Incense Burner?

Regular Cleaning

To keep your backflow incense burner functioning properly, it’s crucial to clean it regularly. A buildup of residue can cause the backflow to not work as intended. A light brush, warm water, and mild soap are all you need to clean your burner. Carefully scrub the surface until it is free of any dirt or debris. When finished, wipe away any last traces of soap with a moist towel and allow the burner to thoroughly dry before putting it back together. Additionally, for the small hole where the smoke flows, you can use a pipe cleaner or a Q-tip to ensure the proper airflow.

Storing in a Safe Location

One of the key factors in maintaining your backflow incense burner is to store it in a safe location. Make sure the burner is placed away from drafts or strong air currents caused by open doors or windows. These air currents can either extinguish the cone or blow the smoke away before it has a chance to flow downwards through the burner, resulting in a reduced backflow effect. Find a stable surface where the burner won’t be accidentally knocked over, protecting the intricate design and functionality of your backflow incense burner.

Always take care of your backflow incense burner by cleaning it thoroughly and storing it in a safe, suitable location. Doing so will ensure a consistent and stress-free backflow effect, providing you with beautiful and mesmerizing smoke displays for years to come.

How To Burn Backflow Incense Without A Burner?

One way to burn backflow incense without a burner is to use a fire-safe dish or plate. Simply place the backflow incense cone on the dish or plate and light it up. The cone should burn in place, and the smoke will flow downwards in a mesmerizing way. Just make sure that the dish or plate is fire-safe and can withstand the heat of the burning incense.

Another way to burn backflow incense without a burner is to use a soda can. Cut off the top of the soda can and place the backflow incense cone on the lid. Light the cone on fire and watch as the smoke flows downwards. This method is great for those who don’t have a burner or a fire-safe dish.

If you have a potted plant, you can also use it as a backflow incense burner. Simply place the cone in the soil of the plant, light it up, and enjoy the mesmerizing smoke effect. Just make sure to choose a plant that can handle the heat of the burning incense.

It’s important to note that when burning backflow incense without a burner, you should always place whatever container you are using to burn incense on a stable, fire-resistant surface. Keep any flammable objects away from the burning incense and never leave the burning incense unattended. Before handling any ashes, allow at least 5 minutes for cooling to prevent burns.

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