8 Best Frankincense Incense Sticks: Top Picks for Aromatic Bliss

Frankincense has been revered throughout history for its intoxicating aroma and spiritual significance.

Extracted from the resin of the Boswellia tree, frankincense is often associated with meditative practices and traditional ceremonies.

In today’s fast-paced world, burning frankincense incense sticks is one way to create a peaceful atmosphere in homes and sacred spaces.

Its woody, earthy scent is said to enhance concentration, alleviate stress, and elevate the spirit.

When selecting the best frankincense incense sticks, the purity of ingredients is paramount.

A high-quality frankincense incense stick is made from natural resins and essential oils, ensuring a clean, authentic fragrance without the harshness of synthetic additives. The burn time, scent strength, and the origin of the frankincense used also affect the overall experience.

Some prefer a subtle scent that gently fills a room, while others might seek a more potent aroma for ritualistic purposes.

Another consideration is the sustainability of the product. The harvesting of frankincense resin must be carried out responsibly to prevent over-exploitation of the Boswellia trees.

Thus, ethically-sourced frankincense incense sticks are a more preferable choice for those mindful of their environmental impact.

By focusing on these aspects, we have narrowed down a selection of eight frankincense incense sticks that stand out for their quality, aroma, and ethical production.

Each product on the list is crafted to deliver the serene ambiance that frankincense is known for, catering to diverse preferences and practices.

Whether used for daily relaxation or special occasions, these incense sticks aim to enrich your surroundings with their timeless fragrance.


Top 8 Frankincense Incense Sticks for Serenity and Aroma

We understand the importance of creating a tranquil and aromatic atmosphere in your space.

That’s why we have meticulously curated a list of the top eight frankincense incense sticks available on the market.

These sticks have been chosen for their high-quality ingredients, consistency in burn time, and the delightful essence that they release.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your meditation practice, deepen relaxation, or simply enjoy the timeless scent of frankincense, our selection is sure to meet your needs.

Raajsee Frankincense Sticks

We believe these frankincense incense sticks can greatly enhance your meditation or relaxation routine with their long-lasting, natural scent.


  • Handmade with 100% natural ingredients, providing an authentic and chemical-free experience.
  • Burns for approximately 45 minutes, offering extended periods of aromatic tranquility.
  • Suitable for a variety of uses, including aromatherapy, meditation, and yoga.


  • The sticks might arrive loose, raising concerns about packaging and potentially affecting the scent quality.
  • Some users might find the need to relight the sticks multiple times, which could disrupt a peaceful atmosphere.
  • The scent might deviate from traditional frankincense expectations, disappointing purists.

Lighting one of Raajsee’s Frankincense Natural Incense Sticks, we’re immediately enveloped in a rich aroma that truly captivates the senses. The hand-rolled craftsmanship is evident in the burn quality, although some users might observe a need to relight occasionally.

The incense’s ability to set a serene mood is evident as we settle into a calm state, ideal for meditation or simply unwinding. The commitment to eco-friendly production methods is a commendable aspect of Raajsee’s approach to delivering a high-quality aromatic experience without the guilt of supporting harmful manufacturing.

We’ve found that while the majority of these incense sticks burn evenly and emit a comforting scent impactful in various settings, some may experience a shorter burn time than others. This inconsistency could be a minor drawback for those seeking a reliably uniform experience with each stick. Despite this, the overall consensus within our experiences leans towards a positive endorsement of the product’s value in enhancing one’s daily rituals of relaxation or spiritual practice.

Frankincense & Myrrh Smudge Sticks

We think these incense sticks are a must-have for anyone seeking a natural and soothing addition to their meditation or cleansing rituals.


  • Our senses were gratified by the purely natural fragrance, free from chemical irritants.
  • We appreciated the longer burn time; it sustained our spiritual practices without interruption.
  • The gift-worthy packaging impressed us, perfect for presenting to fellow tranquility seekers.


  • The scent may seem overwhelming for those unaccustomed to potent aromas.
  • Some may find the burn time slightly less than the stated duration.
  • Occasionally, a stick might demand a re-light to maintain the burn.

Upon lighting one of these Frankincense and Myrrh sticks, we are instantly enveloped by its earthy and calming aroma. The absence of chemicals is noticeable and appreciated, as it does not provoke any itching or discomfort that is often related to synthetic scents. The air feels cleaner, almost as if it’s been washed of negative energies.

Carrying on with our day, the scent lingers pleasantly without overpowering the senses. It’s a reminder of the serenity that the incense brought to our morning meditation session. We find the sticks to be a valuable ally in creating a space of focus and tranquility.

Wrapping up, we think about how these incense sticks would make an excellent choice for a thoughtful gift. The packaging’s design conveys care and consideration, mirroring the purity and intent with which the incense itself seems to have been made. It’s not just an incense stick; it’s an experience we can share with others.

New Age Palo Santo & Myrrh Sticks

We find these incense sticks to be a sublime choice for those seeking an authentic Palo Santo and Myrrh experience for meditation or home purification.


  • Provide a long-lasting, serene burn of roughly 90 minutes
  • Crafted from 100% natural Peruvian Palo Santo and Myrrh
  • Efficiently clears the energy with a delightful scent


  • Quantity may be insufficient for regular users with only 10 sticks per pack
  • Burn time may vary if not properly lit
  • Scent strength might not meet the expectations of all users

Having recently enjoyed the New Age Palo Santo & Myrrh Sticks during our daily meditation, we can attest to their calming and grounding factors. The rich, sweet aroma filled the room, crafting a sanctuary out of our otherwise typical space. As enthusiasts of natural products, we value that these sticks are made from genuine Palo Santo wood and Myrrh, avoiding any synthetic fragrances.

On first light, the smoke whispers into the air, weaving tranquility throughout the environment. We noticed the sheer quality of the burn; these sticks stayed lit longer than others we’ve tried, avoiding frequent interruptions. This makes for a much more uninterrupted meditation session or relaxation period.

We do advise users to be mindful of the burn rate. While the anticipated 90 minutes of burn time is accurate in most cases, ensuring the sticks are lit well at the beginning is key to experiencing the full duration. However, even with this consideration, we’re very pleased with the experience these incense sticks provide. Despite the limited quantity in a single pack, we find them well worth the investment for those special moments requiring peace and clarity.

Aroma Depot Incense

If you’re seeking an incense that provides a long-lasting and authentic frankincense scent, this is a product we can attest to, confidently.


  • Lasts for hours with a consistent burn
  • High-quality natural ingredients ensure a pleasant aroma
  • Hand-dipped in the USA for premium fragrance quality


  • Some may find the aroma overpowering
  • The sticks are quite long, which might not suit all incense holders
  • A few users reported sensitivity to the smoke

Upon lighting one of these sticks, we’re immediately transported to a space of tranquillity, the rich woody and earthy notes filling the air. The hint of lemon adds a refreshing layer to the scent profile that lingers pleasantly even after the stick has finished burning.

Despite the length of these sticks, we’ve found them straightforward to handle and position in an appropriate incense holder. Their considerable size does mean a longer burn time, making them well-suited for extended periods of meditation or relaxation at home.

The fact that these sticks are hand-dipped and made from natural ingredients without alcohol speaks volumes about the care put into their production. It’s rare to find incense sticks that offer such a potent and enduring aroma; however, this intensity means they should probably be used in well-ventilated areas, especially for those with sensitivities to strong fragrances or smoke.

Bless International Frankincense

We found these incense sticks to be a refreshing touch to our home, offering a long-lasting and authentic fragrance.


  • A soothing aroma that lingers for up to 24 hours
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients, ensuring a pure scent experience
  • The pack provides an abundant supply with 100 sticks, including an incense holder


  • The scent might differ from traditional frankincense expectations
  • Some users may find the fragrance too subtle
  • Packaging and incense holder quality may not meet everyone’s standards

Lighting one of these Bless International incense sticks, we were immediately enveloped in the calming and clean scent of Frankincense & Myrrh. The fragrance does an excellent job of masking pet odors and can make any room feel more peaceful.

We appreciate that the sticks are crafted with care, hand-rolled with natural fibers, and soaked in essential oils, resulting in a burn time of 40-50 minutes. This method seems to capture the essence of the oils effectively and disseminates the fragrance efficiently throughout the space.

We love the value that this product offers. With 100 sticks in a box, there’s more than enough to maintain a consistently tranquil atmosphere in our home. The added convenience of a no-questions-asked return policy gave us the confidence to try out these incense sticks without concern.

Calmveda Frankincense Incense

We find that these incense sticks from Calmveda offer a serene and thoughtful experience perfect for enhancing spirituality or simply creating a peaceful atmosphere.


  • Ecologically responsible with upcycled materials
  • Handcrafted quality supporting a social cause
  • Charcoal-free for a cleaner burn


  • Aroma may be subtle for those used to stronger scents
  • Premium price point compared to other options
  • Limited to Frankincense and Myrrh scent for this product variant

The first time we lit a Calmveda incense stick, a sense of calm enveloped the room. The lack of charcoal in these sticks not only feels safer for indoor air quality but also supports a more sustainable choice. Lighting one provided quite the escape; it was like a brief journey into a tranquil sanctuary.

Their scent profile is distinctive – grounded and sweet without being overpowering. Given the craftsmanship and ethical sourcing, it’s clear that these sticks are more than just an aromatic accessory; they’re a story of tradition and empowerment, fused into each burn.

The packaging, detailed with information about the artisans behind the product, adds a heartfelt touch that’s rare in off-the-shelf incense. It’s the subtle details in both scent and story that authenticate the Calmveda incense experience, distinguishing it as a thoughtfully considered choice we’d make time and again.

HEM Frankincense Incense Sticks

We found these incense sticks to be a soothing choice for meditation, with a fragrance that’s strong enough to enrich the atmosphere yet not overpower it.


  • Authentic aroma reminiscent of traditional frankincense
  • The quantity provided is substantial, ensuring long-lasting use
  • Efficient delivery of a calming scent ideal for meditation spaces


  • Some may find the scent lighter than expected for frankincense
  • Packaging occasionally reported as damaged upon arrival
  • In rare instances, an after-smell might be noticeable and less pleasant

When we opened the package, the immediate scent promised a serene ambiance. Each tube contained neatly wrapped incense sticks, ensuring the freshness of the frankincense. Lighting a stick, we were met with a fragrance that filled the room without overwhelming the senses—a delicate balance well achieved.

Throughout the burn, which was consistent and slow, the aroma maintained its presence in a smooth, unobtrusive manner. It’s suitable for those daily moments of peace or spiritual sessions that call for a conducive environment, making it a welcomed staple in our relaxation routine.

Despite the lightness some users have experienced, which differs from the potent smell many associate with frankincense, we appreciate the subtlety for everyday use. It prevents the common issue of a cloying after-scent that can linger far too long. Concluding our experience, these HEM Frankincense Incense Sticks deliver a peaceful and lasting fragrance, though some aspects may not fully satisfy every frankincense enthusiast.

Yajna Frankincense & Myrrh Incense Sticks

We find these incense sticks to be an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a serene ambiance with natural fragrances.


  • Emit a long-lasting fragrance that sets a soothing mood around the house.
  • Made with natural, organic materials free from harmful chemicals, ideal for a clean burn.
  • The stick length and burn time are ideal for longer meditation or yoga sessions.


  • Some may find the scent too potent if used in a small, unventilated space.
  • Initial lighting may produce minimal soot before the stick properly ignites.
  • Sticks might appear different in color from the provided product image, leading to slight visual discrepancy.

Upon lighting a Yajna Frankincense & Myrrh Incense Stick, we’re immediately enveloped in its rich, woody aroma. The scent, derived from premium essential oils, imbues our space with a warm sense of calm. Perfect for morning meditation, these sticks help us start our day grounded and focused.

The handmade quality of these incense sticks is apparent. They burn evenly, without overwhelming the air with smoke, which speaks to their organic and chemical-free composition. During sessions of yoga or when we seek an emotional release, their scent lingers, creating an inviting atmosphere throughout the house.

Yajna’s guarantee of freshness upon order, coupled with a no-questions-asked return policy, gives us confidence in our purchase. Whether we’re looking to enhance our spiritual practices or simply wish to enjoy a natural fragrance at home, these incense sticks deliver on their promise of purity and tranquility.

Buying Guide

Quality of Ingredients

We must ensure the purity of the frankincense used in the incense sticks. High-quality resins ensure a cleaner and more authentic scent. One should seek sticks made with natural ingredients to avoid breathing in harmful chemicals. It is preferable to choose options free from synthetic fragrances and fillers.

Stick Longevity

The burn time is crucial for both value and convenience. Longer burning times mean fewer replacements and a more sustained fragrance. We recommend comparing burn times, which are usually listed on the packaging, to find the best option for prolonged use.

Scent Profile

Frankincense comes with a variety of undertones. We suggest considering the specific scent profile that suits personal preferences. Some are blended with other aromas to create a unique experience, while others are pure frankincense.

Packaging and Freshness

The way incense is packaged can affect its freshness. Moisture-proof packaging is the best to retain the scent’s integrity. We advise checking for secure and sealed packaging to ensure freshness upon delivery.


The environmental impact is another factor to consider. Incense sticks should be sustainable and responsibly sourced. We can examine if the products are produced with eco-friendly practices, such as the use of bamboo sticks and biodegradable packaging.

CriteriaWhat to Look For
IngredientsNatural resins, no synthetic fragrances, chemical free
Burn TimeLonger burn times for better value
ScentDesired undertones and scent clarity
PackagingSecure, moisture-proof to retain freshness
Eco-FriendlinessSustainable practices, biodegradable materials

By paying attention to these factors, we can make an informed choice that ensures a satisfying frankincense experience.

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